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Overpod helps you record your very own Podcast in the Browser. Interview guests remotely and let Overpod provide you separate high quality audio tracks.

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Feature Overview

Remote Interviews

High quality recordings of you and your guests from around the world.

No Installation

Simply share a link and start recording in an instant. No download, no installation.

High Quality WAV

Tracks are magically synced after being recorded locally in high quality, not through VoIP.

Separate Tracks

Export a separate .wav audio track per guest, and optionally another for sound effects.

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Jump right into the Overpod Recording Studio and get started recording your high quality Podcast. Plug in your headphones, invite your guests, hit record and let Overpod handle the rest.

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Why create your Podcast with Overpod?

Record all your guests in high quality without worrying about your internet connection. Your recordings are created locally and magically uploaded and synchronised when your done. Your guests will no longer need to take care of somehow recording and getting those huge files to you through Dropbox or Email. Overpod takes care of it.

Overpod will let you download a separate track in WAV format for each of your guests and also a mixed and ready-to-use soundboard track. Mix in your very own intros, outros, radio sound effects & much more live during your recording session. Upload those sounds directly in the studio.

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Good Reasons to Start Your Own Podcast

Along with social media, podcasts have seen unprecedented growth in recent years. An estimated 24% of Americans regularly listen to podcasts, showing that there is a substantial listener base upon which to draw. Topics range from entertainment to business and self-help, so you're only limited by your own imagination. Now that you know podcasts are a growing source of information and entertainment, you may be wondering what's in it for you.  Here are just a few benefits to running your own podcast.

Showcase Your Interests

Podcasts allow you to offer longer, more involved content than that which is typically seen on social media. While social media seems geared towards those with short attention spans, podcast listeners are looking for more in-depth discussions. A study found that just 3% of listeners will tune out after the beginning of a podcast, indicating listeners are interested in hearing the full episode. This gives you a greater opportunity to showcase your expertise and promote your business.

Partners Help Establish You as an Expert

The majority of podcasts involve interviews with other experts or talents in a given field of interest. This gives you an opportunity to provide something of value to your listeners and they will grow to think of your podcast as a source of trusted information. Additionally, your guests will promote their interview to their own followers, increasing your audience.

Maintaining Contact with Customers

When users subscribe to your podcast, they're indicating that they want to hear from you on a regular basis. As long as you keep your podcast shows consistent and related to the same general theme, audiences will stay loyal. You may even choose to send out digital newsletters on a weekly basis. Not only is this a good way to keep listeners updated on upcoming guests, but you can also throw in advertisements for your products and services. You can use this to let listeners know about an upcoming sale, giveaway, or contest.

Your Audience Will Be More Focused

The listeners you do gain will be interested specifically in your topic. Unlike social media posts that may be seen by anyone and end up falling on deaf ears, your podcast listeners likely found you by searching your area of expertise. They're not listening to you by happenstance, but out of a genuine interest in your show's themes. For this reason, podcasts are quickly becoming a preferred method for marketing.

It's Convenient Marketing

Certainly, the topics you choose to discuss on your podcast are up to your own discretion, but that's not where the flexibility ends. You choose how long your shows are and at what times you broadcast, so you can either do it full-time or simply broadcast a show in your spare time. You will want to keep it consistent though. If you podcast for 30 minutes on Wednesday and Friday nights, don't expect your listeners to tune in on a Sunday morning for a 90 minute broadcast. Even if they are aware of the change, they may not have the time for the longer show.

Generate Supplemental Income

Assuming you're not podcasting for pure entertainment, your primary goal is to build a customer base and promote your own products. By selling time on your podcast to other advertisers, you can also generate income from businesses in need of promotion. The larger your audience base, the more you can charge for time on your show. It's a great way to boost revenue and supply your listeners with a broader experience.

Personalize Your Business

The prediction for social media in 2018 is greater user personalization. Podcasts already have that feature built in. As your listeners get to know you through your podcasts, you'll be putting a human touch on your business. You'll connect with customers on a daily basis and build relationships that will ensure returning business and loyal followers.

Achieve Celebrity Status

Media personalities gain instant credibility and, as more people discover them, their celebrity status is bolstered. This is as true for radio as it is for television and film. As your podcast reaches more listeners, you'll find yourself at the center of attention and you'll be regarded as an expert in the topics you discuss.

Getting Started is Easy

It doesn't take a degree in engineering to learn the basics. Several YouTube videos can provide tutorials to help you learn the ropes. The most important piece of equipment is a high quality microphone. You can select the right one for your budget and needs through any number of consumer products review websites. Additionally, cheap theme music for your show can be bought from indie artists on Fiverr. Once you have these basics, you're all set to begin your podcast. Then, it's just a matter of attracting listeners, which you can begin to do by promoting the podcast on your other social media pages.

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